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The global uptake of electric vehicles is steering the escalating demand of lithium in the market as it is a crucial raw material to the production of lithium-ion batteries. Increasing penetration of electric vehicles puts forward the significant opportunities to invest in Lithium Stocks and earn attractive returns. The shortage of supply along with the need to use lithium in ceramic and glass space further form the basis of drivetrains in the demand growth of lithium.

Here are some explorers/producers (domestic or global) with the scale & capability to deliver high-quality lithium particularly required for the production of longer-range batteries of electric vehicles.

Key Highlights

Value-chain with focus on type of Resource and Process Deployed:

Lithium, a silvery-white metal, is generally extracted from hard rock mineral ore sources (such as petalite, spodumene and lepidolite) or from lithium-containing brines. But the cost associated may greatly vary depending upon the process involved in its extraction, production or conversion into... another form. It has been recorded that the cost of extracting lithium from hard rock is relatively high when compared to the cost linked to production from brines. Therefore, while cherry-picking good investment opportunities, it is prudent to look at the process involved, location of the project, and resource type in order to determine the capital-intensive nature of the value-chain of a particular company.

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Company’s Fundamental:

In metals and mining sector, it is important to see if a company of interest is generating any revenue and if not, then when is it expected to do so. The company’s fundamentals should be at the back of investors’ hand to know the financial health of the player. A look through fundamentals or revenue generation... ability can helpthe investors even when few aspects lay out a speculative zone.

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Stage of the Project:

The stage of the project and the company’s profit is most of the times, inter-woven. A lithium player may be in the exploration phase, development phase, or fully operational stage where revenue generated over the period could return an attractive profit to investors based on cost management. Generally,... in the early stage of a business, the metal and mining companies require a massive amount of capital for exploration and development work which may take substantial time to reach the revenue-generation stage. Thus, sometimes it becomes imperative to watch out for the scenario.

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Third-Party Engagements:

To understand whether an investment has decent potential or not, one may find out whether the company you invested in is having any engagement or association with other players in the space. In lithium production parlance, offtake agreements and other third-party agreements and partnerships become... important in view of the value-chain. Thus, strength of the business also gets revealed through the company’s relationship with its partners and the extent to which any funding arrangement is being set under supply agreements.

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Some of The Lithium Stocks

Pilbara Minerals Ltd
Galaxy Resources Ltd
Core Lithium Ltd
GALAN Lithium Ltd

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